Monday, May 7, 2012

Baby Food Makin'

After reading all of the reviews out there on all of the different baby food makers, I was really torn.  They all have decent reviews and most of them all have negatives especially in the malfunctioning department.  So I learned one thing, I wanted to buy this item new and not used in case I needed it replaced. 
After all of the mixed reviews for all of the products that are $99+ my decision was sealed when I saw one of the contenders on Kmart’s website on sale for $48!  What a steal!  It was $48 and their site was free shipping with $49 purchase, so I also got Olivia a pair of play shorts for $3. 
The one I purchased is the Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Maker by Kids Line.  Unlike some of the other ones, this machine has one place to steam and another place to purée.  I really don’t care about the extra movement of transferring from one container to the next.  This isn’t a big deal for me.   The machine works great and purées to a very fine baby food-perfect thinness.  Of course, the more formula you add or water the finer the puree.  I was able to test it on some sweet potatoes this weekend.  My little Blaine was very appreciative for this step up from the cereal.  I can’t wait until we can visit the farmer’s market for some yummy produce. 


  1. That's a fun new toy! How is it different from a food processor?

    1. One part of it steams the produce and the other side is basically a food processer. Although, it has 4 blades which means it does a really fine puree.