Sunday, March 11, 2012

Back in the Saddle

It is Sunday, and here in the Boehmke House that means we start our day with a big breakfast, followed by church, naps, and snacking!  Sunday is mostly a restful day for us -- if you consider having a newborn, a hyper active 4 year old, a dog that constantly drops toys in your lap, and a husband that cleans and organizes constantly -- restful.  It's funny though, as every week winds down I always have plans of grandeur that usually involve a huge elaborate dinner, catching up on deep cleaning, and always involves reading a novel from the backlog of books that I keep on hand for "down time".  

You would think by now that I would realize I am completely deluding myself.  Instead of a big meal, the kitchen is a free for all and the kitchen table remains baron.  Cleaning rarely extends past laundry and picking up a few toys (except for my clean freak husband that I am oh-so-thankful for).  As for reading a book, that would assume that I actually have a home quiet enough that I can hear myself think and a family that doesn't need my constant interaction.  Considering I cannot even use the bathroom without an entourage, this scenario is highly unlikely -- which you would think I have figured out by now.

Today, however, is not just any Sunday.  This is the wind down of my baby moon, tomorrow I will be back in the saddle.  That's right, tomorrow I will return dutifully to work and join the week long grind with the rest of my peers.  No longer will my afternoons be filled with picking up, catching up on old TV series', naps, and shopping.  Instead I will be returning to rush hour traffic, short lunch breaks, child wrangling, throwing together dinners, and rushed night time routines.  This time is definitely bittersweet for me.... it feels good to return to my normal routine and be among other adults but it is definitely difficult to let someone else help raise my child in my absence.  Luckily, we are truly blessed and have found a wonderful woman to watch Blaine.

Blaine:  8 Minutes Old    to   8 Weeks Old