Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: Tide Pods Detergent

Tide Pods are a simple and easy way to do laundry.  They are your detergent and stain remover all in one.  Just drop them into your washing machine with your full load of clothes and they come out clean.  These are basically the same thing as the dishwasher plastic-like filled pods of dishwasher detergent that have been around for a few years now -- except for laundry.  

  • Easy to use, kids can help!                          
  • Cleans well (like any other Tide)
  • Easy to take along if traveling                    
  • You can visually see how many more loads you can do before running out of detergent
  • Pretty to look at

  • Unable to do different sized loads because the pods are not adjustable.
  • Skeptical on the right detergent to water ratio since everyone’s “large” load can be a different size.
  • Even though it states it works in any water temperature, I use all cold and had an issue with my water
  • draining for a few days and I suspect the Pods are the culprit but I do not know this for sure.
  • Expensive
  • You can visually see how many more loads you can do before running out

Would I use them again??
Probably not.  I would feel obligated to keep regular liquid tide in stock at my home as well because our whites are not always a full load as well as other clothing from time-to-time.  I purchased my Pods at Sam’s Club so they were considerably cheaper than even Walmart, which made them more affordable for me.  However, I still feel they are overpriced for my lifestyle.  It’s not much more time saving than pouring into a cap and dumping it.  On top of all of that, I don’t feel it cleaned any better.  Cute idea… great marketing.  It’s just not for me.